roger bolton - exploring sound, images and music
  1. Pictures
    After many years of working alongside some of the best camera men and women, I felt it was time to spend a bit of time on the other end of a stills camera. If only as a release for my passion for the natural world.
  2. Adventures
    Most television and film projects bring something slightly daring, whether in content or just the logistics. Being born in Uganda then doing extensive traveling during the hayday Fairlight has left me with itchy feet,,,
  3. Work-Shops
    I probably learn more from students than they do, which is why I like being a 'mentor' and working with ensembles either as a guest composer or preparing for a particular special performance.
Behind the Scenes
An inside view of music 'Production' in Film and TV
Of all the questions media composers are asked, there are two that are always at the top of the list: How does one start a career in film? How do you approach a production?
With this is mind I hope these 'case studies' might be of some use or at least learn something from my experimentations, both good and not so good, over the last 30 years?! Education is important to me which is why I am still working on a phD and regularly give Work-Shops / Masterclasses for Ensembles, Colleges and Universities. I also offer online 'Mentoring'.
  1. 1
    David Attenborough
    Out of all we did, including: Humpback Whales, The Secret Life of Sperm Whales and Hippos Out of Water, it was 'The Lost Gods of Easter Island' which Sir David '... most matched my original intention.'
  2. 2
    'BUGS' Series 3 & 4
    I took over the 'mantle' after Gavin Greenaway moved to Hollywood and therefore inherited some themes! and a Modus Operandi which was challenging to say the least
  3. 3
    Richard and Saladin
    The week before the Iraq war this documentary was promoted heavily by CH4 as 'A charistmatic leader unites the Arabic World and an allied taskforce is sent to rescue Jerusalem.'
  4. 4
    Title Sequences
    90% Psychology and 10% music and / or Sound Design! Of the 100+ that I have created, as short a 2.5 secs with full orchestra, £7,000 for 7 secs, one's that 'copy' successful titles I have already composed; my favourite is probably the pastiche / montage for the BBC's 'Great Composers'
An Elephant's Graveyard
My journey towards peace in the war zone in Uganda
  1. Then the rains came...
    The rebel 'Lord's Resistance Army', in Northern Uganda, specialised in recruiting children by abducting them at night and carrying out unspeakable initiation 'rites'. I lived in Gulu town at the epicentre 2004-2010 as an independent 'Observer' and Project Manager of a Women's Microfinance scheme. We also set up a music studio to assist formerly abducted child-soliders on their journey to recovery.
  2. An Endangered Species
    Every day after school 44,000 children from the Acholi tribe would be encouraged to walk up to 10Km to the nearest town with an army garrison for fear of being abducted by the Lord's Resistance Army at night. Each morning, having sleep in schools, churches, in bus parks, under cars on shop verandahs, they would walk back home then to school. This is their story and why the world ignored them for 10 years.
  3. How you can help?
    Even though the socio-political situation forced me into exile in 2010, we still have a number of development projects in Northern Uganda to support women and children with education. Plans are still afoot to start a music school offering music therapy as well as mixing traditional with modern production techniques.